The Difference Between Granite & Schist

Trying to choose between schist and granite countertops? Not sure where to start? Then first, you should take a look at their advantages and disadvantages before deciding the stone that is right for you! Schist…

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16 Gauge Vs. 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel is one of the top choices for kitchen sinks for many reasons. It has a clean look, matches other stainless appliances, often the least expensive option, is highly corrosion and bacteria resistant, and…

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Does Heat Damage Granite?

How Durable Is Granite? For whatever reason, many consumers often question the durability of granite countertops. The fact of the matter is granite is an extremely durable surface that can withstand nearly everything it will…

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Selecting a Side for the Garbage Disposal

“Which side of my double bowl sink should I install the garbage disposal?” We get this question frequently when walking our clients through the details of a kitchen countertop project. This is an important decision…

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Why You Should Choose A Local Granite Countertop Shop Over Big Box

When shopping for granite countertops the first place the majority of consumers will search is a ‘Big Box’ Retailer. Sure big box retailers do offer a few different granite countertop options with enticing marketing tag…

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