The Buying Process

Obtaining measurements for estimating

We are more than happy to come to the project site and measure the existing space at no charge or commitment. In the instance where projects are receiving a new kitchen layout with new cabinets, a drawing is made by the cabinet designer. We can estimate from that document. The third option is making a simple drawing yourself and emailing or faxing it to us. It doesn’t need to be exact as a template would be performed should we move forward in the buying process. Please call us for guidance. We are here for you!

Selecting your slabs

We would invite you to our showroom to see our granite, quartz, marble, or other stone slab inventory. We have over 30 colors in stock in many popular colors from the basic colors to exotic varieties. The advantage of using our stock is that you will only pay for what you require for your project. If your kitchen is 50 square feet, you will only pay for 50 square feet of material. Typically you would have to purchase in full slab increments, essentially paying for the waste in the fabrication of your kitchen. In the instance you do not find the exact color in our inventory, we can visit any or all of the several importers to see hundreds of colors from all over the world. It is very helpful to bring a cabinet door or sample to pair with the granite.

Selecting your sink

We have high quality stainless steel sinks in many sizes for you to purchase as well as composite sinks. We only use 16. gauge 18/10 stainless steel sinks. They have been sprayed with sound deadening material and have pads attached to keep your sink from ringing like the liberty bell if you drop a utensil in it. You are more than welcome to purchase your sink from another supplier. Remember, the outside dimensions of your sink need to be less than the inside dimensions of your sink cabinet. You can’t put a 36” sink into a 33” cabinet. I know it sounds obvious, but many people want larger sinks than their cabinet can accommodate. We can help you find the best sink for your needs.

Selecting the edge profile

– There are many edges to choose from and each has it’s pros and cons. It’s mainly aesthetic, but in some instances, one edge detail may function better than others. We can help you select the right edge when you visit our showroom. Click here to view the edges offered at Absolute.


Once we have selected the granite, sink, and edge, an Absolute representative can produce a formal estimate to you for your review. We can option many things if you happen to be undecided on any of the selections. Most people would like to compare costs of what they see in order to help them make a decision.

Signing the contract and making a deposit payment

When you have decided that you like the price for the selections you have made, we will ask you to sign the estimate along with a 50% deposit payment.

Scheduling the template

Your Absolute representative will complete your file and take it to our production manager. He will review your file and call you directly to discuss the best time to schedule the template within 48 hours. *Sales representatives are not permitted to handle scheduling. Scheduling is done solely through the Production Department


The template/measure is where Absolute installers come to your home to perform the final measurements in the form of a physical pattern (template) made from polyethylene board. You will be present to discuss any and all details of the shape of your countertops. The person who performs the template will walk you through the process and ask for your input if a decision has to be made, for example, the size of an outside radius or depth of an overhang. The template typically takes 1-3 hours depending on the size and complexity of the project. When complete, you will be asked to sign the templates ensuring your satisfaction with it.

The Layout

This step is not necessary for some granite where the pattern is consistent such as Absolute stock category A or B granite. Once the templates are brought back to our shop, you will make an appointment with Production to come position the templates on the full slabs of granite. This ensures you get exactly what you want. We will help guide you on the “best way” to do it, but it is ultimately your decision. Maybe you want a certain part of the slab used for the island, or you don’t particularly like one spot, etc.

Installation and Final Payment

You will have your installation date at the template. We guarantee no more than 2 weeks from template to installation. Sometimes it may be sooner and we will call you to ask in that instance. We will work with you to achieve your desired schedule as long as it does not compromise the quality controls we have in place. Stone fabrication is not something that can be rushed, as mistakes are very costly and oftentimes irreplaceable in the instance of rare and exotic materials. The typical installation takes from 2-4 hours depending on the size and complexity of the project. Once completed the installer will walk you through the install and ask you to sign a completion form that acknowledges your satisfaction with the installation. The final 50% will be due at this time. We prefer a check, although we accept credit cards over the phone as well. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the installation, please tell your installer or call and ask to speak with Production. We work for you and want you to be happy with your finished product. If something is not right we will fix it.

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