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About Soapstone

Soapstone is a quarried natural stone similar to granite. Soapstone is composed mostly of talc, which makes it comparatively soft. However, Soapstone used for countertops typically has a higher percentage of quartz in its composition which makes it more applicable as a kitchen surface.

Current Uses

Soapstone is an elegant and sophisticated choice for interior-design elements including kitchen countertops.  Although Soapstone is “soft”, it is also extremely durable and it does not absorb water, making it ideal for many bathroom applications.  Another use for Soapstone is outdoors.  Soapstone countertops are ideal for an Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ area because they possess excellent thermal qualities and will not crack when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

How do you clean and maintain soapstone counters?

Soapstone is a low maintenance stone. Soapstone is naturally bacteria resistant due to its non-porous quality so simple soap and water cleaning is all that’s recommended.  If there is one issue with soapstone, it may be its softness and susceptibility to scratches and nicks. The good news is that these small scratches and nicks generally can be removed with quick buffing using fine grit sandpaper.  Most of our customers actually prefer the look of Soapstone after daily use has given the stone a “patina”.

What happens if you do not oil the soapstone?

There are 3 general ways to “finish” Soapstone’s Oiling, Dry Waxing or Nothing. Oiling the stone has been a popular treatment but Dry Waxing gives the same look without the “oily” feel to the surface. Many clients prefer leaving soapstone untreated. This gives a more rustic and natural look to the stone.  The stone can always be oiled or waxed later on if the untreated results are not desirable.

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