“Buyer Beware”

The Bait and Switch: Granite Edition

Anyone shopping for new granite countertops has seen the signs and heard the advertisements for “granite countertops for $29.99 per square foot installed!” The fabricators that purport this low price are using a few deceptive tactics to get your attention.  Upon visiting the store you may find that this low price is for one color ONLY and may not include sink or cooktop cutouts, faucet holes or templating. We’ve seen that once you add everything up, the pricing from the “low price” vendors are actually MORE expensive than had you gone to Absolute originally. It is always best to investigate the company and the product prior to purchase.

The False Tax

Granite fabricators are manufacturers even though we have retail showrooms. We pay a manufacturer’s tax on the material we purchase to the importers who then pass that tax payment on to the taxing authorities. We are not required to charge sales tax. So, if you receive a quote from a fabricator, make sure they are not charging you another 8% or whatever they make up on top of the “quote” they already gave you for the work. This “tax” usually will not be added until it is time to sign contracts, so make sure to ask your fabricator if they charge sales tax in addition to their quoted price.

The Free Sink

Some fabricators will lure you in with a “free sink” promotion. This tactic was very prominent five years ago, but it seems consumers are more discerning when it comes to sink quality. Many sinks given away are not of high quality. Because they are to be given away for free, many fabricators will find the cheapest sink available without regard for quality. The cheaper sinks have less chromium and less nickel which gives stainless it’s shine and it’s hardness.

Absolute only sells high quality T-304 18/10 stainless steel sinks. They are all 16 gauge, which is the thickest stamped stainless steel sink available.

The Big Box Store

What big box stores offer in convenience, they lack in selection, service, and many times price. You would think they would be the cheapest, but they have to outsource the countertops to fabricators like us. They essentially have become a broker of countertops. If you want to hand selecting your actual slabs, that may not be available. You may be forced to pick from a small sample that may or may not be a good representation of the current granite lot available.

Absolute would love the opportunity to work with you on your project. You will see the full slabs of granite that will be used in your kitchen so there are no surprises. You will get what you want and be fully satisfied with your purchase.

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