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Concrete Countertops Absolute has an extensive understanding of concrete countertops in St. Louis, MO.  However, we no longer provide concrete as it isn’t consistent and has many issues. We now sell Quartz with a concrete look. Below is more information on concrete should you still desire to go with a concrete provider. The delivery and installation process is similar to granite countertops.  Gone are the days of mixing, pouring, staining, and sealing concrete in your kitchen!  Concrete countertops are a custom product, manufactured by highly skilled artisans. They are a crafted product, hand-created, and unique to each customer. Concrete countertops are used in numerous applications and are very durable and lightweight. It’s important to understand that there are many factors that contribute to the price of designing, building, and installing concrete countertops which account for the range in the cost. Pricing is composed of countertop design, construction, and installation. Concrete countertops are typically built so the edge is two inches thick with an endless array of stain color combinations. Concrete countertops allow the inlay of items such as stones, metal, recycled glass, and many other items. The surface can be anything from “glass-like” to a matte finish. Concrete countertops are typically specified by architects, designers, and homeowners that want a complete one-of-a-kind product.

Is Concrete for You?

What are your expectations when it comes to concrete countertops?  Are you looking at concrete because of price or is it the color options?  Maybe it’s the overall “look” of concrete that you like.  Let’s go over the pros and cons of concrete countertops.

The Pros:

Concrete can be formed into almost any shape or size.  This gives us flexibility when it comes to design, including specialty edges and integrated features like drain boards and custom sink shapes. Fabrication is done in the shop, NOT in your home to limit construction mess. There is a wide range of integral colors and for more variety, we use colored acid stains to fully customize the countertops.  Acid staining will cause swirling and marbleizing of the colors for that truly “one of a kind” top.  We can also embed objects such as glass chips, stones, and metal artwork to make the top your own. We use various products to seal and impregnate the concrete which can further customize the countertop with different surface finishes from “glass-like” polished to a matte finish.

The Cons:

Concrete countertops are expensive.  A typical concrete countertop will start at $100 per square foot whereas granite countertops start under $50 per square foot. Concrete countertops can develop hairline cracks. Although it is rare because the concrete is fiberglass reinforced. There has to be some leeway in the outcome with custom concrete countertops.  The concrete is poured “up-side-down” in the mold so imperfections in the surface, such as air bubbles and mottling can occur. Since concrete has to “cure”, atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity level can have an impact on the results. The sealers we use are an integral part of the final “look” of the concrete.  However, hot pans and acidic liquids can affect the finish.  A knife can also cut through the sealer coat. These things can be repaired but it’s better to avoid these problems by using trivets and cutting boards.

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