Does Heat Damage Granite?

How Durable Is Granite?

For whatever reason, many consumers often question the durability of granite countertops. The fact of the matter is granite is an extremely durable surface that can withstand nearly everything it will come in contact with in your kitchen… but what about heat? Or hot pots & pans?

Granite is Heat Resistant

Granite is formed by extreme heat and pressure combined beneath the earth’s crust. It can not be affected by heat from a cooktop or frying pan. A lit flame placed under the granite will have no melting effect and will not leave any burned or scarred marks. The thickness is enough to prevent localized heating even from a hot pan.

Granite Can Be Affected By Extreme Temperature Changes

Although granite is heat resistant, it can, however, crack with extreme temperature changes. For example, if you were to immediately replace an ice bucket with a pan of boiling water. It is unlikely that you will ever actually experience this scenario, but if you do please be sure to allow the granite to warm up (or cool down) before placing a hot (or cold) item back on the same section of granite.


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