Selecting a Side for the Garbage Disposal

“Which side of my double bowl sink should I install the Best Garbage Disposal?” We get this question frequently when walking our clients through the details of a kitchen countertop project. This is an important decision as it cannot be changed once installed and the ergonomics of your kitchen add to its lifetime value for you and your family. To put it simply, it is your choice which side you’d like it to be installed. There are certain factors that you should take into consideration when selecting which side you would like to install it on. We offer these scenarios to help in your decision.

Which side is my dishwasher on? Where is the trash can? Take into account how you currently clean up after a meal. Do you scrape plates in one side of the sink or the other? Are you one who air dries in a rack in one of the sink bowls? Are you left or right handed? Try to imagine the ideal work flow for your space.


Size matters. We have heard it justified every way. “The disposal must be in the smaller bowl as I use the larger bowl for rinsing,” or “I have to have it on the larger bowl because I need the smaller bowl clear for watering plants.” It can be exhausting running through all the combinations. Just remember that it is your kitchen. Not your designer’s kitchen, or your contractor, or your extremely opinionated friend who just had her kitchen remodeled.

kitchen sink 3

If the bowls are the same size then your options are limited, thereby making your final choice an easier one.

kitchen sink 2

This topic is hotly debated with homeowners as evidenced by the occasional spousal argument in our showroom. But when it really comes down to it, it’s your sink and you should base your decision of personal preference. If you have more questions about choosing your side, our professional staff would love to assist you with this and all of the other factors when considering a kitchen upgrade. Feel free to contact or visit us with questions.

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