Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2020

When designing your dream kitchen, one essential decision you’ll have to make will be selecting the countertop surface. The countertop is the foundation of a kitchen’s décor, and your decisions can either make or break the outcome of your new kitchen or renovation. While visual appeal should be a primary variable to account for, you should also highly consider the durability and maintenance of the countertop surface.

Set the tone of your design by selecting the right countertop surface. To help you start this major decision process, here are some of the largest trends other homeowners have made in regard to their kitchen countertops that may give you the inspiration you need.


Originally created and designed to be a high-end alternative to the natural stone countertops like granite, quartz countertops have gained popularity, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The countertops come in colors, patterns, and finishes that are designed to look like their natural stone counterparts. Quartz will cost you a bit more than granite, but it comes with benefits that can make it worth the higher initial cost. Unlike natural stones, it is a non-porous surface that prevents liquids from staining your countertop and keeps dangerous bacterias from growing in your kitchen. Additionally, quartz is heat & scratch resistant.



Granite countertops have and continue to be one of the most popular natural stone countertop choices for homeowners when designing their dream kitchen. This natural stone promotes an elegant finish without breaking the bank. You can protect your investment with regular care, and your stone will last the lifetime of your kitchen. If granite is not cared for, liquids like water and oils can seep through and stain your countertops. When choosing your granite at Absolute, we will help you select a stone to fit your family’s lifestyle. One easy way to tell if your granite is in need of care is by testing if your countertop repels water.


Honed Finish

A honed finish can be applied to several different types of materials such as granite, marble, and quartz. When used, it gives less of a glossy finish and more of a matte feel – hiding fingerprints and water spots. A polished countertop historically has been the most popular finish choice. In the past few months, the honed finish has been increasingly gaining homeowners’ attention.


Veining & Patterns with Some Character

If you want to make a statement with your countertop choice, veining is an avenue you’ll want to explore. Veining consists of creating contrasting swirls and patterns into countertop slabs. It’s not something you’ll see in your everyday kitchen, but it adds character that many homeowners adore.


Sustainable Materials

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, there’s been a rise in homeowners choosing sustainable materials for their kitchens. Recycled glass mixed with cement has been the primary option for a while. Although lately, more sustainable designs have been made available to homeowners. Besides being a green choice, these materials are durable and elegant countertops.



Concrete probably isn’t the first place your mind goes when thinking about countertop choices – yet it’s become a trendy countertop with its refined urban aesthetic. Patterns can vary from cloud-like staining to multi-layered monochromatic variations. A custom-designed and hand-crafted concrete countertop allows you to add pops of color or drama to other parts of your kitchen, such as with a stunning backdrop or brightly colored cabinets.


Countertops have historically been a considerable part of the kitchen design process. With almost endless selections of materials, sizes, and finishes to choose from – your choice as a homeowner can be incredibly overwhelming. The more you explore your options and assess your pros and cons, the quicker you’ll start to realize what you do and don’t like.

Keep in mind that just because something is trending now doesn’t mean it will be forever. Stick to your gut and pick the option you prefer the most because it is your kitchen, after all.

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